NEW!! Workout number 4: Combination Treadmill Workout.

Workout 4:

Description – HIIT Style Treadmill Workout.  This is a very intense workout as posted, but can be adjusted for any fitness level.

Estimated Calories burned – 500-900

Duration – 30-60 minutes

Target Body Area – Entire Body

Workout –

Exercise Duration
Treadmill Run (speed 5.0-7.0) 2 minutes
Burpees 1 minute
Treadmill Run (speed 5.0-7.0) 2 minutes
High Box Jumps 1 minute

Repeat for 5-10 rounds


Exercise as a natural stress reliever


If you are under a lot of stress, and can’t seem to find a way to relieve it, try working out. I firmly believe working out is the best method of stress relief for many reasons.

1. While you are working out your body releases extra feel-good endorphin’s.

2. While you are working out you are likely to forget the stresses of the day and focus more on the movement of your body.

3. When you overcome smalls stresses, such as 15 squats or 20 burpess, you are training your body to overcome bigger stresses such as meeting a work deadline or filing your taxes.

4. Exercise can improve your sleep cycles, which leads to less stress.

5. Regular exercise can improve self-confidence as well as decrease anxiety and depression.

6. Finishing a challenging workout can give you a sense of accomplishment which may lead to more accomplishments in your future.

These are just a few ways exercise can act as a stress reliever. Give it a try.